Member Responsibilities’

Parents have a variety of responsibilities that ensure the smooth and enjoyable operation of the Preschool. As a cooperative preschool, parents hold a major part in ensuring for a successful, smoothly operated school. Here are the commitments expected of each member:

All Members

Actively participate in a DCP Member Job (see below)

Attend Orientation prior to the start of school in September

Attend Re-Orientation in January

​Participate in field trips

Attend job meetings (scheduled as needed)

Fundraise for Annual Events

Volunteer at Annual Events/Fundraisers

Participate in one deep clean of the school (November or April)

Join Social events (not required, but encouraged)

Pay monthly tuition and fees on time (tuition is due by the 1st of each month)

Participate in the annual vote for the Board of Trustees (April)

Co-Op Class Members

Work in the classroom at least once a week, as well as serve as an on-call parent on rotation (will vary depending on enrollment)

Working parents must arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class on their scheduled day, and actively participate in their station.

Parents rotate through stations, such as Literacy Center/Snack Helper/Playdough Table, Train Table/Cars/Blocks/Dramatic Play/Art Helper/Hand Washing Helper, and Club House/Outdoor Play Area/Sensory Bin/Handwashing Helper/Bathroom Clean-up/Trash & Recycling

Daily cleaning of stations throughout the school during class

DCP Member Jobs

Below are the parent-run committees at Duvall Cooperative Preschool. During Orientation in September each year, all members sign up for a job that they will serve on throughout the school year. The exception is the Board of Trustees; all members vote on the board positions annually in April (to serve for the following school year).

Advertising & Procurement

Must attend events and facilitate/organize donation procurement for fundraising events

May be asked to attend board the meeting the month prior to the event or call in during the meeting to update board members on advertising and procurement efforts

Assist Webmaster with all event advertising needs including Kidmail, producing flyers, posting flyers in local businesses, web postings and marketing fundraising events

Organize and track procurement list for two annual all-school fundraisers, all procured items go to the VP between events

​Special Events & Class Parties

Annual School Events including:

Pumpkin Decorating Night (October)​

Trunk or Treat/Halloween Party (October)

Holiday Gift Wrapping or Cookie Swap (December)

Book Exchange (February)

VIP/Family Night (March)

All Class Parties

Safety & Maintenance

Assist in small repair/replacement jobs.

Repair and maintain toys and outdoor equipment.

Follow all guidelines as stated in the Risk Management Manual. Become familiar with the manual and ensure school members follow policies.

Schedule and complete a “repair day” once a month.

Ensure all emergency and first aid supplies are stocked and in place per Risk Management Manual.

Assure exit plans are posted prominently and emergency phone numbers are in the kitchen.

Maintain all Safety Signs & Reminders posted throughout the school.

Assist teacher in conducting fire and earthquake drills twice year in each class. All drills should be documented.

Complete monthly safety checklist for preschool facility and equipment by the 15th of each month and submit to Vice President. All items of concern or in need of repair will be passed to the board via the Vice President.

Report all items that are a concern in regards to safety and health at the school to the President, Vice President & teacher.

Follow all guidelines as stated in the Risk Management Manual. Become familiar with the manual and ensure that items are being followed.​​