Welcome to Duvall Cooperative Preschool!

Play is a child’s way of learning. Children learn by playing, doing, watching, and feeling; by being free to experiment and try out materials and equipment without adult ideas and standards imposed on them. For preschool children, the process of learning is much more important than the product. Good equipment that is carefully supervised and a well-planned program stimulate this learning process. Only limited formal instruction is necessary or desirable at this age. DCP gives children an opportunity to use and experiment with equipment and materials that individual families may not have at home. With help and encouragement when necessary, the children grow in their abilities and skills. Each success brings the satisfaction and accomplishment necessary for them to feel good about themselves.

Enrolling for Fall 2021-2022!

Open enrollment has started for our Fall 2021-2022 classes. Please click on our enrollment process page for enrollment instructions and forms!

Now Enrolling for 2021 Summer Camps!

DCP is now offering a summer school program. 4 weeks of science, laughing, water fun, making new friends, hanging out with old friends, running around and so much more! Join us this summer for learning through play and fun with your friends!

All sessions are held Monday-Thursday from 9am-12pm at the rate of $200/child. Must be 3 as of 1/1/21. Note this class may go up to 6 years old as we will be accepting any kids that are enrolled for Kindergarten for the 2021-2022 school year. We do require that all students are potty trained. Session include:

July 6th-9th Artful Antics

July 13th-16th The Final Frontier

August 3rd-6th Under the Sea

August 10th-13th The Great Outdoors

Spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. Please fill out your registration form and send it in with your child’s tuition to reserve your spot. Registration form can be found here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/15_tBB-dcy_FRPG9WJujK-HWAhvcIwXXb/view?usp=sharing

To be added to our interest email list for updates on programs coming to DCP, please leave us your name and email below.